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How To Tackle Remote Job Interviews

Telephone and Skype job interviews are used by employers more and more to shorten the recruitment process, overcome location barriers and bring down costs. In this post, guest authors The Carling Partnership have prepared tips for you to successfully tackle both types of remote job interviews.


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I really found the whole process to be very eye opening and feel I know myself a lot more than I did before. I really enjoyed the different activities, and feel I will look back on my homework for guidance in the future. I am so excited to not be working in my old career anymore, trying something new, in a subject I love, using my favourite skills, in something I can see myself progressing well in in the future. Thank you!

Happy Client
Alice Stapleton

About Alice

Alice coaches those who want to change career but don’t know what they want to do instead. She offers Career Coaching designed to help graduates, early to mid-level career-changers, and parents returning to work gain a clear vision of what career is right for them, and how to achieve it. She is also a qualified Coach Supervisor.