4 Life Lessons From A 40 Year Old

It was my 40th birthday yesterday. In a funny way, I feel a bit embarrassed saying I’m 40. Although, 40 is the new 30 apparently. Either way, turning 40 got me thinking about what I have learnt so far and what advice I would give my 20-30 year old self. So, here are my 4 life lessons so far.


4 Common Career Change Fears (and How to Overcome Them)

Over the years, I have seen a patten in which fears often hold people back from making a career change. This article lists 4 common fears I have come across, along with tips to help you manage these fears, so they don't get in the way of you changing into more fulfilling and enjoyable work.


How to Keep Motivated After Receiving a "No"

Job searching is a job in itself. That’s why it’s such a relief when you finally secure some interviews. The thing is, what happens when you receive that dreaded 'rejection' email? Sometimes it’s hard to think past that email. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated on your job search journey.


Career-Changer Series: From Pharmaceuticals to Pilates

As part of my ongoing Career-Changer series, I had the pleasure of interviewing my very own Pilates instructor, Jenna Reece. I thought it would be great to understand why and how Jenna changed from working in drug manufacturing, following a PhD, to training and practicing as a Pilates instructor.


Career-Changer Series: From Tech Growth to Start-Up Co-Founder

As part of my ongoing Career-Changer series, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Unplugged co-founder, Hector Hughes. Here he gives us an insight into where the idea for off-grid cabins came from, and what motivated him to step away from his previous career working in the tech sector.


Career-Changer Series: From Physical Therapist to Accountant

As part of my ongoing Career-Changer series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Elliot about his career transition from physical therapy to accountancy. Struggling with his anti-social working hours, we learn how Andy leveraged his strengths and interests to change career path.


5 Life Lessons From Having Covid-19

The inevitable happened week before last - I test positive for Covid-19. So, something I have been stressing about for 1.5 years finally happened. Over the course of managing the various periods of isolation, and being ill, I learnt a few important life lessons, which I share in this article.


Finding Your Passion: The Paradox of Career Change

When it comes to career change, we're told to find and follow our passions. Quotes like, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” are supposed to help. This article explores how the pressure to "find your passion" could be holding you back from making your career change.


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