Average Cost of Attending An Interview Now Exceeds £100

Last week, I was delighted to be the resident Career Coach at The Interview Store - a fantastic new pop-up store within Waterloo Station providing visitors with a free interview outfit and interview coaching, launched by Trainline in response to their latest research findings.


Police Officer Tops List of Childhood Jobs

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to a variety of radio/TV stations about childhood dream jobs, following new research from the ‘Be the Difference’ police recruitment campaign. Top of the list in this research? Police Officer! Here, I discuss that research and tips for changing career.


5 Things To Consider When Writing A Career Change CV

When you move into a new career, you may be lacking key experience, skills or qualifications, so it's important to craft your CV carefully to highlight your most relevant and transferable attributes. Here are five things to consider when writing a CV for a career change.


What Is The STAR Interview Technique?

Preparing for a job interview can be daunting. After all, you don't know the questions that are going to come up. The STAR technique can help you prepare strong answers that you can adapt accordingly. Read on to learn more about what the STAR technique is, and how you can use it during an interview.


3 Things I Learnt From A Meditation Retreat

Last month, I did something that was quite far out of my comfort zone - I spent the weekend on a remote island off the coast of South West Ireland at a meditation retreat. Here, I share my experiences, and what I learnt from the experience.


How To Know If It's Time To Change Career (& Where To Start)

Like many others in today's workplace, you may be considering embarking on a new career. It’s hard to know whether and when to make the change though. Read on for advice on how to know when it's time to move on, and a series of small steps to kick off your next career move.


83% of Graduates Anxious About Next Career Steps

Last month, I was delighted to take part in the Government's 'Get Into Teaching' campaign. As part of the campaign, research was carried out to assess how students and recent graduates were feeling about making decisions concerning their future careers. Here, I discuss the findings.


4 Life Lessons From A 40 Year Old

It was my 40th birthday yesterday. In a funny way, I feel a bit embarrassed saying I’m 40. Although, 40 is the new 30 apparently. Either way, turning 40 got me thinking about what I have learnt so far and what advice I would give my 20-30 year old self. So, here are my 4 life lessons so far.


4 Common Career Change Fears (and How to Overcome Them)

Over the years, I have seen a patten in which fears often hold people back from making a career change. This article lists 4 common fears I have come across, along with tips to help you manage these fears, so they don't get in the way of you changing into more fulfilling and enjoyable work.


How to Keep Motivated After Receiving a "No"

Job searching is a job in itself. That’s why it’s such a relief when you finally secure some interviews. The thing is, what happens when you receive that dreaded 'rejection' email? Sometimes it’s hard to think past that email. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated on your job search journey.


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