A few weeks ago, I was asked to contribute to an article for Tesco Living on one minute energy boosters. The end result can be seen on their website here. Not all of them were featured, as these things tend to go, so I thought I’d share the whole list with you.

Energy boosting techniques

So, here you go. If you’re pushed for time, try one of these energy boosting techniques.

  1. Use a burst of colour in your wardrobe to brighten up your dreary day: colours boost adrenaline. In general, warm colours (red, orange, yellow) are considered more energising, whereas cool tones (green, blue, violet) are more calming.
  2. Blast yourself with cold water in the shower or at the basin: the body responds to cold stimulants so a quick, short blast will certainly perk you up.
  3. Laugh: science shows laughter can boost energy in addition to improving mood. It has the same effect as exercise on the brain.
  4. Drink water: energy levels can lag due to dehydration. Drinking a refreshing glass of water can help boost your metabolism.
  5. Smell the citrus: the smells of oranges, lemons and grapefruits have been shown to be energising. Add them to water, light a candle or spray these fragrances for an instant uplift.
  6. Breathe deeply: we don’t breathe properly when hunched over a desk with bad posture. Sit up, think of something beautiful to get the endorphins going, and breathe from your diaphragm fully and deeply to get the oxygen to the brain and thus boosting energy levels.
  7. Do someone a favour: being altruistic raises our energy because we feel good about ourselves. Offer to help someone out at work or buy a stranger a coffee.
  8. Exercise: increasing blood flow raises energy. Do jumping jacks, walk up and down the stairs a few times, stretch out your body, put on an energetic song and dance - all ways to get the blood circulating. It will also shift your perspective by taking you away from what you’re doing for a minute.
  9. Say thank you: stress saps our energy but it is hard to be stressed and grateful. Think of things you’re grateful for/that have made you smile recently and put pen to paper. This shifts your perspective to what is good in the world, which can boost your mood.
  10. Get some fresh air: sunlight is key, as we need the vitamins to boost our melatonin levels which keep us awake and alert. Even on a cloudy day, if you can get outside within 15 minutes of waking for at least 20 minutes, you can get enough sunlight to energise yourself for the day. Alternatively, a quick jaunt down the street and back will help.
Alice Stapleton

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